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About The College of Alberta Denturists

The College of Alberta Denturists was established as the regulatory body for the profession in Alberta, upon proclamation of the Denturists Profession Regulation, under the Health Professions Act, on September 1, 2002. This established the self-regulation of denturists in Alberta.

The College upholds the mandate to govern denturists in the public interest. The College ensures public protection through:

  • Administering the requirements as per the Health Professions Act and the Denturists Profession Regulation with respect to registration and the complaint resolution process
  • Registration of qualified practitioners
  • Ensuring member compliance with legislated parameters including criminal record checks at registration and continuing competence.
  • Administering a defensible registration exam

To provide denturist services in Alberta, and identify as a denturist, individuals must be registered with the College and must have a valid College of Alberta Denturists practice permit.

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