Professional Liability Insurance

All regulated members of the College of Alberta Denturists are required to hold Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) at all times during their registration. This is a requirement of the Denturists Profession Regulation.

PLI is in place to protect both the patient and the member.  By having PLI, a member is protected professionally and financially from claims (real, alleged or false) made against the member as a result of rendering professional services.  The patient is protected should the claim be substantiated, and damages awarded.

Regulated members are required to have a minimum of $2,000,000 PLI per occurrence with an annual aggregate of $2,000,000.

There are many vendors from which an applicant may source PLI.  The Denturist Association of Alberta administers a plan that meets the requirements of the College.  You may also source PLI individually. The College cannot provide PLI to its members as this would be a conflict of interest should a complaint arise.

Should you have any questions about PLI or the required levels, please contact the College.