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Canadian-trained - Substantial Equivalence

The College of Alberta Denturists is very pleased to consider applications for registration from denturists who were trained in Canada but did not graduate from a denturist program approved by the College and are not registered to practice in another Canadian province or territory.

Denturists are governed by the Health Professions Act (HPA) in Alberta.  As per the law, an individual must be registered with the College of Alberta Denturists in order to practice as a denturist in Alberta.  As per the HPA, the practice of a denturist includes any of the following:

(a) assess, diagnose and treat persons missing some or all of their natural teeth,

(b) design, construct, repair, alter and fit any complete or partial denture for the purpose of restoring and maintaining function and appearance,

(b.1) teach, manage and conduct research in the science, techniques and practice of denturism, and

(c) provide restricted activities authorized by the regulations.

The College may assess an application for substantial equivalence through the submission of an application form and supporting documentation.  Once a complete application is received by the College, it will be reviewed by the Registration Committee.  The Registration Committee is a committee of regulated members of the College which is formed as per the HPA to review and make decisions on applications for registration referred to it by the Registrar. You will receive an interim decision from the Registration Committee as soon as possible, but not exceeding six months, from the time a complete application is received by the College.

To Apply

Applicants must complete the application form and pay the assessment fee for the application to be considered.

For information on the process and the required documentation, applicants are encouraged to review the College of Alberta Denturists’ Guide for Substantial Equivalence. Documentation may be uploaded to the application form if it is available.  Applicants may also complete the application form with as much detail/documentation as possible and augment their file by submitting outstanding documentation to the College via email at info@abdenturists.ca.

For guidance on completing the online application form, please contact the College and consult the registration guide for substantial equivalence.

An application will be considered complete once all applicable documentation is received, in the form required, and the assessment fee has been paid in full.

What happens next?

Once a complete application is received from the applicant, the Registration Committee of the College will meet to assess the application.  A decision will follow shortly after from the Committee.


Should an applicant have any questions about the process or its requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the College.

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