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Hearings & Decisions

Upcoming Hearings

  • Lanzl, Anthony
    September 13-14, 2023, October 23, 2023, May 16, 2024, October 16, 2024
    Virtual Hearing
  • Lanzl, Anthony
    November 7-8, 2023, February 12, 2024, May 27, 2024, November 25-26, 2024
    Virtual Hearing

Hearing Decisions

The following are notices regarding professional conduct as required by the Health Professions Act (HPA) and/or the decisions and orders of a Hearing Tribunal.


Lanzl, Anthony – February 17, 2021


Inappropriate Behaviour (towards employees)

Irodenko, Volodymyr – October 30, 2023

Agreements and Undertakings

An Agreement and Undertaking offers a more flexible and collaborative alternative to the formal hearing process. It is a valuable tool provided for under the HPA, occasionally utilized by the Complaints Director to facilitate the resolution of complaints. Typically, it encompasses a range of corrective measures tied to the regulated member’s conduct, aligning with the College’s mandate of protecting the public.

The following agreements that have been mutually agreed upon by both the Complaints Director and the regulated member.


Unskilled Practice and Recordkeeping

Unprofessional Behaviour and Recordkeeping


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