Mandatory Reporting

For the Employer

Section 57 of the Health Professions Act (HPA) stipulates the situations under which an employer is obligated to report a current or former employee to the College. Please note that the definition of employment is broad and includes work as a paid/unpaid employee, consultant, contractor or volunteer.

There are two scenarios under which the employer must report the regulated member to the College:

This notice must be given to the Complaints Director, by the employer, as soon as possible. To report this, please submit a completed complaints form with any supporting documentation or evidence to the Complaints Director.

If you have any questions about your obligations as an employer, please contact the College at 780.429.2330 or 1.844.380.1711 or via email

For the Regulated Member

If a complaint has been lodged about you

Please know that the College will ensure that the principles of natural justice are upheld.  The HPA lays out the steps that must be followed and the College ensures that its due diligence is done in matters of all complaints.

If a complaint, regarding you, is lodged with the Complaints Director, you will be notified and provided with all information that is required under the HPA.  This includes the specifics about the complaint and the name of the person who made the complaint about you.  This will assist you in remembering the details of your interaction with them.  You will then be able to tell you recollection of events to the Complaints Director.

From the information collected from both parties, the Complaints Director will make a decision as to how and if the complaint will proceed.  The Complaints Director may:


Under the HPA, regulated members have a legal obligation to report, as soon as possible, any of the following to the College Registrar:

Reporting of other regulated members

If in the course of providing professional services, regulated members are required:

Please note that:

If you have any questions about your reporting obligations, please review the Practice Guideline for Mandatory Reporting or contact the College at 780.429.2330 or 1.844.380.1711 or via email