If you are currently a regulated member and are leaving the practice of denturism, you may resign your registration and practice permit with the College.  Please remember that an individual who is practicing as a denturist in Alberta, must be registered with the College.

The Health Professions Act defines the practice of a denturist as:


3 In their practice, denturists do one or more of the following:

(a) assess, diagnose and treat persons missing some or all of their natural teeth,

(b) design, construct, repair, alter and fit any complete or partial denture for the purpose of restoring and maintaining function and appearance,

(b.1) teach, manage and conduct research in the science, techniques and practice of denturism, and

(c) provide restricted activities authorized by the regulations.

RSA 2000 cH-7 Sched. 8 s3;2008 c34 s23

If you would like to proceed with resigning your registration and practice permit, please provide the following information to the College.

New contact information

The College must be able to contact you for the next two years. Please provide any updated contact information to the College if it is changing subsequent to your resignation.

Registration Change

Patient Records


You may be contacted by the College for further information.