Complaints Processes

If you are a patient or a patient representative, you may bring your concerns about the practice of a denturist forward to the College. It is outside of the mandate of the College to negotiate any matters related to fees remitted or refunded for services rendered. If your concern does not involve this, please provide a completed complaint form or detailed letter outlining the activities surrounding the complaint and the reasons for the complaint.  Please know that anonymous complaints are not accepted, and the denturist or former denturist will receive a copy of the information that you provide. Should you have any concerns about if a complaint is within the College’s jurisdiction, please contact the College at 780.429.2330 or 1.844.380.1711 or via email to the Complaints Director at

Once your complaint has been received, you will be contacted by our Complaints Director. The Complaints Director will discuss the specifics of your complaint and may at that time explain if the nature of the complaint is within or outside the jurisdiction of the College.  If your complaint is within the College’s jurisdiction, section 55 of the Health Professions Act (HPA) provides the Complaints Director with a number of actions by which they may handle a complaint. The HPA allows the Complaints Director the discretion to choose an appropriate pathway to resolution. Possible pathways include dismissing the complaint; launching an investigation into the activities specified in the complaint; suggesting an informal resolution to the complaint; or in some instances referring the complaint to a hearing tribunal.

Regardless of the pathway chosen, all actions of the Complaints Director are grounded in the principles of natural justice and you, as the complainant, and the regulated member are always treated fairly. Due process is always followed.

At least every 60 days and once all the information has been gathered that is required to make an informed decision, the Complaints Director will contact you to explain next steps.

If you would like to discuss a concern you are having with a denturist, please contact the Complaints Director, Lloyd Fischer, by phone at 780.429.2330 or 1.844.380.1711 or via email Lloyd will work with you to understand your concerns and will follow the legislated pathways that are required.

Although the College will receive your concern more quickly if you complete the form below, a .pdf of the form below may be found here: Complaint Reporting Form and sent to the College. This may be received by mail, fax or email (

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