Competency Profile and Examination Blueprints

A competency profile describes the practice requirements of denturists, at the time of entry into the profession, in order to provide safe, effective and ethical patient care. The profile is of value to users both within and outside the profession, however the primary uses are to:

The content of the exams is aligned with the National Competency Profile. Using the competency profile, examination blueprints are created taking into consideration the frequency of the task in practice. The exam blueprints inform candidates about what the exam will test and guides the College to design exams that are comparable from one time to the next. This affords all candidates equal opportunity to show whether or not they have the competencies that are necessary to practice safely and effectively.

Candidates are encouraged to review the National Competency Profile and the Exam Blueprints to provide direction for exam preparation.

In May 2020, Council approved a new Competency Profile.  In collaboration with EQual Canada and educational programs, the implementation date for this profile will be decided.

Should you have any questions, please contact the College.