The College of Alberta Denturists exists so that Albertans can be assured of receiving ethical, professional and safe denturist services. The Health Professions Act states that a Continuing Competence Program (CCP) must provide for regulated members to maintain competence and to enhance the provision of professional services. It also mandates a College to administer the program as determined in the regulations. The College of Alberta Denturists’ CCP was legislated in the Denturists Profession Regulation in 2002.

The continuous learning and self-assessment of educational needs is a fundamental and life-long responsibility of all professionals. The technological advancements and innovations in delivery of services as well as shifting patient demographics accentuate the need for denturists to maintain and enhance their knowledge as it related to the practice of denturism. Activities within a denturist’s CCP may address all aspects of practice from treatment protocols and clinical skills to patient care and clinic management.

Program requirements

The Denturists Profession Regulation (s. 10.1) requires regulated members registered on the general register to complete 100 hours of continuing education, in compliance with the program rules, in each sequential five-year period beginning on January 1 following the year of initial registration with the College.

Program participation

Compliance with the CCP is a mandatory requirement as a regulated member on the general register.  In each CCP cycle, members must ensure that they have met the requirements of the program as detailed in this guide. Further, as per s. 9(f) of the regulation, regulated members must be in compliance with the CCP in order to renew their practice permit for the following year.