As the College of Alberta Denturists monitors the current, ever-evolving pandemic situation, we will keep our members up to date with the information as it becomes available to us.  Denturists are highly trained healthcare professionals whose primary objective is providing the best patient care possible. Unfortunately, in these difficult times, this service has been interrupted. At the heart of this interruption are the core values shared by denturists, and all healthcare professionals, providing the best patient care possible. In this case, the absence of conventional care, or what you are used to, is what denturists can do for their patients right now to keep both the patient and themselves safe.

Return-to-Practice for Alberta Denturists
On April 30, Alberta’s Premier announced Alberta’s relaunch strategy.  In his announcement, he stated that all regulated health professionals, including denturists, may return to providing patient services as soon as approved guidelines are provided by their regulatory College. Effective May 11, 2020, Alberta denturists were permitted to return-to-practice. Starting May 26, 2020, denturists are able to work within their entire scope. That being said, they will be addressing the most urgent cases first and triaging appropriately. Services must not be performed without appropriate personal protective equipment in place and adherence to the Guidelines for Return-to-Practice. For more information on the expectations and requirements for denturists, please click here.

Please be aware that some denturists have not yet been able to return to their practice as they ready the environment to ensure they are following all the new practice guidelines. If you are a patient who is experiencing problems with their dentures, please contact your denturist by phone or email.  Your denturist will work with you to try and resolve any issues that you are experiencing and decide on the best solution going forward for your individual needs. Please know that in this time of pandemic and social distancing, visiting any place outside your home will pose a level of risk of contracting any virus, including COVID-19.

In deciding to proceed with a service, before treatment is provided, a denturist will conduct a risk assessment that includes risk to the patient, the healthcare practitioner and the greater community.  Denturists are responsible to mitigate the risk of potential exposure of COVID-19 to all involved, especially since many denturist patients fall into the most vulnerable patient groups who are most susceptible to COVID-19 infection and experience the most dire COVID-19 related disease.

If risks are identified that cannot be immediately or sufficiently mitigated, it is advised that care be postponed.

Any care provided must be compliant with existing Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Standards and applicable legislation or the treatment must not be provided. Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for all healthcare practitioners must be available before treatment can be initiated. Care must be provided with stringent infection prevention and control practices at the forefront of your mind. Resources are available on the Alberta Health website and from Alberta Health Services.

For those who are in self-isolation due to

  1. being symptomatic, or
  2. for other personal reasons, such as recent travel outside of Canada,

please remember that you must not practice at all, regardless of the nature of the patient considerations. Providing care while under this directive may be grounds for a complaint and suspension of your practice permit. Please refer care for an essential service to a denturist who is not currently isolated.  Please coordinate this possibility with your colleagues.

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